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Solid-State Pre-amps user reviews

  • Golden Age Project Pre-73

    Golden Age Project Pre-73 - "Nice pre for the money"


    Mine is the Mk.II model of the Pre73. The GAP Pre73 is a Neve 1073 clone. The input impedance of the microphone input can be switched between 300 and 1200 ohms, which makes it possible to affect the tone of most microphones. There is also phase s…

  • Focusrite ISA 428

    Focusrite ISA 428 - moosers's review


    The Focusrite ISA 428 is a four channel set of mic preamps. These are solid state preamps where each channel has XLR and 1/4" inputs and outputs. There are also 1/4" inputs on the front of the box for each of the channels if you want to go direct. …

  • Dave Hill Designs Europa 1

    Dave Hill Designs Europa 1 - "Vintage and Modern"


    Single Channel. Adjustable gain. Number of filters. Speed control. Harmonic control. This is an analog sounding preamp with modern appointments. There's really two schools of preamps, which are the vintage flavored ones and the modern ones. Th…

  • Focusrite ISA One

    Focusrite ISA One - moosers's review


    The Focusrite ISA One is a single channel, solid state microphone preamplifier, modeled after the vintage style Focusrites. It's an all analog piece of gear and has more connection options than you'd ever need in terms of connections, including sepa…

  • Shadow Hills Industries MONO GAMA MIC PRE

    Shadow Hills Industries MONO GAMA MIC PRE - moosers's reviewhas images


    The Shadow Hills Industries Mono GAMA Mic Pre is a 500 series module for your recording studio. About a month ago I had the pleasure of using a set of these at a studio I often work at - he just recently got them in. These will only work within a 5…

  • Wampler Pedals SuperPlex Distortion

    Wampler Pedals SuperPlex Distortion - "Very cool pedal - from Plexi to Modded 800"


    This is a great pedal that can take you from Plexi tones, 800 tones to modded 800 tones. This pedal has those "Marshall" type tones in a little stomp box. It produces a very nice and extremely usable distortion sound into a clean amp. The pedal h…

  • API Audio 212L

    API Audio 212L - "Awesome Compact Mic Pre"


    This is an API mic pre. API tends to make universally awesome gear, and their mic pres are top of the line. This is basically a stripped-down version of one of their 512 mic pres, which are arguably their best-known pre. It's a solid-state pre, is al…

  • Aurora Audio GTP8

    Aurora Audio GTP8 - moosers's review


    The Aurora Audio GTP8 is a set of eight channels of microphone preamplifiers, designed after Neve 1073 modules. These are only mic preamps (no EQ's) and aren't a direct copy of a 1073, but they're in the same vein and do have a similar sound. They …

  • Vintech Audio 473

    Vintech Audio 473 - moosers's review


    The Vintech Audio 473 is a four channel set of (Neve) 1073 style microphone preamplifiers. They're not 1073 clones exactly, but share the same make up of that you'd find on them, EQ and all. The connections it has are for both 1/4" and XLR inputs a…

  • Langevin AM-16

    Langevin AM-16 - moosers's review


    The Langevin AM-16 is a stereo set of microphone preamplifiers. I don’t know the origins of these, but they seem mostly to be found in custom forms and clones rather than the real thing. That’s what we’ve got at the studio where I work – an AM-16 t…