Fender Tom Delonge Stratocaster
Fender Tom Delonge Stratocaster

Tom Delonge Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Artist Stratocaster series.

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reverba 09/09/2003

Fender Tom Delonge Stratocaster : reverba's user review


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Guitar made in Mexico but the construction is that of a United States.
22 frets, normal for a strato! Seymour-Duncan Invader SH-8, a killing!
classic hard tail bridge, why bother with a vibrato??
A volume knob! That's it!
Alder body (not very dense wood), round stocky, rosewood fingerboard! classic!


Comford trs interresting game, the head broad vintage gives a great look!
it is also trslgre as a very dense wood used for t has a more slamming!
and most importantly, there is little electronic trs! just the minimum, one volume!!
if one is looking for a big sound saturated without any concern, you put the volume back, and the amp with a little crunch and c always go!!
on the other hand, jazz is pnalis .... normal! but have little effect on the volume that has a large amplitude trs!


Then for rock, punk, ska or mtal is the instrument that must be!
refrain from the rest!
too, fau good HP penny just to drool on her! the microphone has an output level trs fort and small 50W amp kind surtou if they suffer as a single dish (HP)!
it takes at least 2 to 4 more to restore the fullness of sound (harmonics powerful forces raisin bread!)
a rule a little crunch on the amp, and always will fai with the guitar!
a distortion? turning the volume knob on the guitar a background
a clean sound? we lower the volume of the guitar!


Frankly, I utilasi on the fender, but suffers from HP! I pass APRS v test Sunn Model T lamps or Engl Powerball, and has become trs Interestingly, even with rialise ibanez or jackson! good, if you want to upgrade, I suggest a seymou duncan duncan SH6 Distortion for the handle! to replace the SH 8, I would recommend an EMG 81, DiMarzio X2N, Armstrong motherbucker or Seymour Duncan SH 13 dimebucker that will transform your guitar into a weapon of war!
Well if not, the tube amp is rigor as any rock scratches the request, but the sumum! Avoid monogamelle but the amp (an HP) because a high level, your amp may be dplacer by vibrating on the floor! Bavera and sound!