Fender Tom Delonge Stratocaster
Fender Tom Delonge Stratocaster

Tom Delonge Stratocaster, STC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Artist Stratocaster series.

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MGR/Adam Goeldner 07/09/2004

Fender Tom Delonge Stratocaster : MGR/Adam Goeldner's user review

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I really really wanted to buy this strat just becasue its different to any strat i already have! i got it from my local music shop just before it went out of production and i paid $600 for it.

i love the pickup. seymour duncan make amazing pickups and the invader is awesome for punk, rock, and metal! its a really simple straight foward design and you can just plug it in and play so its great for anyone who cant be fucked with pickup changeing. what really annoys me about fender is all there guitars have tremolos! unless its a locking tremolo theres no use in having it! this is a great guitar cause its a hardtail so you dont have to worry about the it going out of tune! also it has these really cool vintage looking tuners which are amazing casuse the guitar always stays in tune!

I love this guitar but becasue i play in a metal band i really need a 24 fret guitar for my solos! unless you just wanna play powerchord punk make sure you have some other guitars to suit your style first! i always play this live though even if its only for one song, i just love the look and feel and sound that pickup is amazing!

constructed so well! like all fenders it is practically invincible! its very solid! fender have always had a reputation for high quility craftsman ship!

this is an amazing guitar that i love to play! when my band goes to gig this is one of the first guitars that gos with me! they dont make these guitars anymore but if you can get your hands on one it wont let you down!

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