Ibanez JS700
Ibanez JS700

JS700, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the Joe Satriani series.

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lam_da 12/05/2005

Ibanez JS700 : lam_da's user review


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Same as above.

I can add that it is simple microphones, so they are not splitables.


Channel Ultra Nice!
There is nothing to report at the ease of playing, yet I tried it with a set of string pulling 10.46 while my favorite is 9.42 (Note ... I have suffered from some Bend but hey ...).
I felt immediately comfortable with it, it seems that the fingers plannent above the handle, well it fart:-Þ
It is rather mild, especially compared with a good Gibson or Ibanez Ergodyne.
The only lack in my opinion, is the lack of a Floyd, but it depends on the type of game I used to vibrate the notes by placing the palm on the floyd. There he had to play the finger on the box.


Yes it is made for style Bluesy,
She has a beautiful clear sound. Many medium.
Under distortion, the pickups provide clarity in the phrasing.
I did not spend the time needed to explore its sonic possibilities, but what I heard, that balance of thunder!

Sounds simple micro tempt me more ...
I will even say: The JS700 tempts me more ...


Minimum requirements.
Effectiveness of sound.
Quality / price ratio: I do not know the price, it is almost, no idea.

I do not have, but I like that.
Try it, if the opportunity arises.