Ibanez S320
Ibanez S320

S320, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the S Standard series.

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loloduke 11/26/2008

Ibanez S320 : loloduke's user review


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- Manufacturing Korea, I guess (the Japanese manufacturing model is reserved for prestige)
- 24 frets, pickups IBZ INF1 neck + HH INF2 bridge
- ZR Tremolo Ibanez vibrato (tremolo with ball bearings)
- 1 volume pots, 1 tone, 5 position selector
- Mahogany body, maple neck Wizard II 3-Piece 22 jumbo frets, rosewood fingerboard the most beautiful effect.

From classic. 5-way switch that allows to split the pickups for versatility.
The vibrato is innovative since, ball bearings intended to eradicate the problems of wear of the knives of classic Floyd Rose vibrato & licenses.
Another innovation: a screw to adjust the intonation without Disagree. practical and well thought out.
Another innovation: screw the tension of the vibrato, to set the base of it with your thumb!


- Sleeve satin enjoyable. Not super flat. Suit all hands. binding only on the 12th. a bit confusing.
- Access to frequencies. Good.
- Ergonomics: great, it's a Sabre. shape and weight. any gene that side.
- Good basic sound by playing with the switch. other interesting sounds by adjusting the volume and tone.

The use of vibrato is a bit confusing at first: the stem is too high and the resistance (ZR Zero Resistance) gives the impression not to operate a vibrato. But I think we should get used to.


I was initially negative on micro (ibanez = yuck)
Well I was pleasantly surprised. This is not the high end, but it's very very convenient. The dynamic is not that of a great brand, but it is clear and warm.
Only drawback, the neck seems a little feeble / bridge.

Versatile, you can type in the jazz, funk, rock, hard rock, metal, blues.

I tried it on Fender Blues Junior. In clear, crunch, it's very good.
Saturation average (see the amp), it makes good too. But I could not try it with a big sound, an area where it should theoretically show the more at ease.
No personality that jumps but at home in almost any style.

Its moderately fat, less than a Les Paul but a basswood or alder.

I put 9 because sharper with microphones, it will sound even better.


I tried it in stores.

I like the ergonomics, versatility, and his chubby Péchu, vibrato that seems to keep the agreement (difficult to judge on new ropes, that being said I tried to fixed bridge guitar which was less agreement, if so)

I like jumbo frets least, the lack of fishing the neck pickup from his friend, the color (it's a personal opinion but since wonder ...), the lack of bindings (good, ca lowers the price)

Value for money: huge! A great versatile guitar, or play the shredders, or 2. With a change of ad-hoc pickups, I do not see what it would have to envy 2x more expensive guitars.

It is no secret that price: solid body, no table, painting basic, no bindings, two microphones (yes, it is always less than 3!)

But in the end, a guitar that sounds, vibrato art that allows all the acrobatics. A great deal.