Ibanez S320
Ibanez S320

S320, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the S Standard series.

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mrik80 02/16/2012

Ibanez S320 : mrik80's user review


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Made in Indonesia
Channel Wizard II 3-piece maple 22 frets
-Bridge: ZR Tremolo type floyd
Micro-Neck: INF1 Humbucker, Bridge: INF2 Humbucker,
-A volume knob and a tone
5-position selector switch
-Chrome Fittings
-Weathered Black Mahogany body finiton


As usual with ibanez everything to help the solo technical legato, tapping, ... All passes smoothly with very good access to acute and flat and a round end.

The guitar is very light and well balanced which makes the game for hours!
No marks of keys apart on the 12th box (and on the edge of the handle) which can confuse or hinder some. Not me! I think it's very good to work his knowledge of the handle.
Another floyd a great, stable, strong and powerful with a very convenient setting.

For sound, it's simple, one branch, triturated volume and tone, and we send!


Mics inf bases 1 and 2 do not really have me hooked. Even if they are usable, the microphones are too neutral and cold enough in my opinion.

After adding new pickups seymour duncan SH-2 and SH-5 and a push-pull system for micro splitter (beware if you want to ask a push pull to do so on the volume knob because the body are not broad side of the earpiece) is getting an excellent, dynamic and much warmer. The sounds are crisp and clear as versatile as clean distortion. We go from jazz, blues, and styles of extreme worry free!

I play it on a peavey classic Vtx and the result is beyond my expectations!


I use it for a year and I tried a bunch of different models. It's great what is most striking is that we have a very good guitar for a very affordable, even in my opinion, equivalent to some models in prestige ibanez I've tried.
It's good stuff: foyd stable pink, a light guitar, a 3-piece Wizard neck, ... Remains to change the pickups and it's all good.
Look at the guitar is very sober all depend on your taste in the matter, he must love!

An exceptional value for money I bought 300 euros I think (about 500 counting the new pickups). For a guitar that sounds better than a R purchased 300 euros more expensive. What you ask for?
A choice I would do with your eyes closed.