Ibanez S320
Ibanez S320

S320, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the S Standard series.

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atchoum50 03/20/2008

Ibanez S320 : atchoum50's user review


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-To the place of manufacture, I guess it's Japan ... (I do not know at all)
There are 22 Jumbo frets
-Mics are Ibanez INF 1 and 2
-The bridge is a floyd rose, the ZR
-2 Knobs, volume, tonalitbr />-5-way switch
Round-3-roomed Wizzard II


The body shape is fine trs, trs enjoyable. The middle of coprs is normal thickness of a guitar, but on the edges is about 3 times as wide;)
the handle is flat and wide, super enjoyable, too, can go fast. Dernire frets in the CHAC this without difficulty. It is well balance, but not great ... lgre
Note: between jack practical enough to sit on the bed or sofa


Okay so the issue .. I am not an expert.
I play mostly metal and blues, it suits these styles well. But his fate also pretty clear ... we can all play with.
Note: the microphones do not buzz with distortion.
I put 10 for me is perfect.


I use it for about 1 month. What I like most is the shape (body / sleeve) and the floyd rose. It holds well and the agreement is not hard to operate, and simple argler trs. I have no dplait on this guitar. I have not tried other models before buying. The report price is relatively good quality (385 on thomann).
With experience, this choice I would do without any concern.
Trs good guitar!