LTD MV-200
LTD MV-200

MV-200, STC-Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Standard series.

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pastourette 01/23/2005

LTD MV-200 : pastourette's user review


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Made in Korea
24 frets
A double format "rail-style" HR 101 to the handle and a double humbucker bridge HB102B All DUNCAN DESIGN.
Volume and tone knobs
A 3-position selector.
Bridge TOM (Tune o Matic)
Strings through the body


Handle very fast and very pleasant.
access to acute is no problem.
In terms of ergonomics, there's no worry that a relatively conventional (Start type), however, this skyscraper is incredibly lightweight making it even more pleasant and comfortable to play. Because after 2 hours or 3 together to play up, it was not bad back, and that's a really positive point !!!!!

For sound is not the top, the microphones are good bills against the humbucker does not have enough fishing and precision. For the double neck is not ecstasy, either.

Taking into account the ease of playing I'm going to October 1


Today, this guitar suits my style of play I said today, because I changed the humbucker in the "wood" to place a must: a small EMG81. In other words, it has nothing to do!!

A must in all this is that I played on a Mesa Boogie Rect-o-Verb 50!! So there ... I think the stuff speaks for itself.

So it gives her a fatal saturated (from Metallica to Megadeth through SOAD and I forget ...) and my time in clear, with good catches settings on the nullity of the neck pickup.

Finally, given my gear, I put 10.


I bought 9 months ago. It is the most j'utitlise guitar in concert as repeats. Very comfortable, beautiful and well finished, I'm not surprised that the bill MV200. I wanted a real ESP but after all, given the price, I quickly realized that the finish of an ESP LTD and did not really matter. So the choice was fast!

I urge condition to change the pickups. With these changes I put 9.