LTD MV-200
LTD MV-200

MV-200, STC-Shaped Guitar from LTD in the Standard series.

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MGR/deez nuts 01/09/2002

LTD MV-200 : MGR/deez nuts's user review

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I bought it at a local guitar shop, for $380, because I needed a good 6 string.

The neck feels fast, the guitar itself is lightweight, the string through the body design
the two pickups are great, especially the neck position, which is ussually worthless
on most guitars

seperate volume for pickups would be nice, as well as a glue-neck as opposed to
bolt on would have made it perfect.

the guitar's designed very well, and I've yet to discover any production flaws

Love the guitar, the price, definately an excellent choice for anyone looking for an
affordable 6 string electric.

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