Vigier Excalibur Ultra
Vigier Excalibur Ultra

Excalibur Ultra, STC-Shaped Guitar from Vigier in the Excalibur series.

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Pm. 09/18/2005

Vigier Excalibur Ultra : Pm.'s user review


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Kida ( 2Cidmembre 2C16981.html%) came to me with its splendid Vigier Excalibur Ultra j'mets then a quick opinion (and I saw that there had a request for an opinion, because more)

I dj a lot jou Excalibur Original Nebuleyes and other: Original, Special & Custom, so I know well the Excalibur!
The Ultra is finally an Excalibur Special protective plate without and with EMG.
In addition to what the diffrence dernire this is the position of volume control that is more down that accustoms: ca and I really like because the volume knob just below the micro acute ESG ca me a lot ...

For the Retailer CHARACTERISTICS see site Vigier, note that:
The EMG 81 is turned serious and EMG 85 in acute and not the reverse as often!
A hollow cavity is t the rear of the body to a direct battery ACCS, ncessaire the work of EMG.
The white border on the edge of body and head is not binding but unpainted ond Saddle: absolutely sublime!
Available in Saddle button or rosewood fingerboard.

10/10: manufacturing Franaise tip-top & good matrial, especially Saddle ond


The handle is an Excalibur so very easy to play but that is not Profile Jackson, Ibanez and Music Man is something else, I Whereas as one of the sleeves easier play ... and got some hands.

Ergonomics is a stratum roughly the muzzle to the forearm and less because of the table, stocky, and Access in 24 cases is good despite the lack of heel profile .

The guitar is too lgre without lter

- 1 for the heel that could be even more profile and unmarked mtallique!


That those who peddle gossip like "EMG is that the mtal" go home!
Jazz, blues, funk, rock, mtal all happening on this guitar! For clean sounds just turn down the volume on 81 and it nikel

I t enjoyable surprised by the EMG 81 in neck position which provides precision monstrous! I have a 85 that position on a Vigier Marilyn: see anything (it must be said that the two guitars are diffrent)!
L is hyper prcis for the Les Paul sounds mushy fawn go your way ... or put a 85.
In fact in the 81 and 85 in severe acute allows a perfect balance between the two positions I now understand why Patrice Vigier chose this configuration ... I understand however is the least prsence a simple SA intermdiaire! Position 3 of slecteur combining two doubles, the SA is no point in positron 2 & 4 but not 85 & 81 n'tant splitable rendering is average ... Patrice Vigier reconnat him the same on the forum of his site!

I prcise in passing that the key is a bit more Saddle & prcise snapping a rosewood fingerboard.

- For a couple of simple micro humbuckers non splitables does not take much for the beautiful table Saddle wave!


Tests a twelve o'clock Entire APRS on my usual stuff and more of the Mesa Boogie TriAxis Kida, which has made it possible to hear on two lamps pramplis DIFFERENT!

I have not used the vibrato Vigier 2010 (Wilkinson type but bearing ball) on the one hand it is not my thing and also did not stem Kida!

Frankly I really AIM this guitar except the micro central in both the sound of its presence under my shots picks angry indeed: 24 boxes + 2 humbuckers & 1 single = it remains plenty of room under the strings!

The table Saddle wave, which is found on the head, is absolutely sublime (the photo makes it absolutely did not recognize), the finish is impeccable and the gameplay is that of Excalibur ( the muzzle to the forearm and less)!
Superstrate short style is almost perfect, except the simple micro

Probably the best and most beautiful Vigier Excalibur I play, I want the same without the microphone and with a simple fixed bridge and a floyd and the rate of increase before January 2004, c 'Mr Vigier is possible?

-1 For the price
-1 For the simple micro
A & micro chouilla quibble for heel