Vigier Excalibur Ultra
Vigier Excalibur Ultra

Excalibur Ultra, STC-Shaped Guitar from Vigier in the Excalibur series.

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yvanou812 10/22/2011

Vigier Excalibur Ultra : yvanou812's user review

«  most excellent »

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Made in France
Vigier tremolo (non floyd)
24 frets
Volume / Tone / 5-way switch.
Alder body with beautiful maple table. Maple neck.
Mechanical self-blocks. All these innovations are vigier
(90/10 sleeve, vibrato, freight ... 0)


The handle is exceptional. Feeling of playability and comfort. Not too wide (perfect if you do not have the hands of F. Liszt S. Vai), but not too flat not more. Access to acute nickel.
We may regret in the body without chamfer for the forearm.
The body is smaller than that of a stratum. Very well balanced.


Very versatile guitar with a very specific saturated, even with high levels of boost.
Clearly, one can get very hot sounds like jazz if you will, always with a real presence and dynamics, regardless of the position used.
Overall, it sounds quite modern and clear with good sustain.
But it adapts to all styles, from metal to rock to funk (even if we do not find the sounds typical strat single coils). Not bad also for people who want an ultra comfortable instrument that does almost no tune, which sounds really good and the icing on the cake, very pretty to watch.


I use it for 2 years and it's really my main guitar (I sometimes use as a strat US).
At the time of purchase, I was looking for a modern guitar high-end, and I tried the music man (Luke, Axis) Fender (J. Beck), but I must say that the excalibur m ' convinced. Vigier does not really fly its reputation for quality, intelligence, and tools competing products without problems with high-end guitars produced in the United States for example.
I got it at a good price because they did an operation on some promo models at the time. For this new guitar today, I think it takes about 2800 euros, but the quality and beauty of the instrument warrant that Patrice Vigier prix.Vive!, Original and indispensable to the guitar, because it a true creator.