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MGR/Poorman 02/26/2003

Yamaha EG303 : MGR/Poorman's user review

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Got it secondhand from a friend. It is almost new when i got it because its seldom use. It came with a small 20W amp for a affordable price of US$200.

Its a cheap stratocaster copy, tough bodyworks. Dropped it a few times with only scratches and dents and no other damages.

The guitar tone reflects its price. Feels ok for beginners but intermediate players will almost want to get a better guitar or change the pick-ups. The input jack sits at the base of the guitar and not within the body of the guitar like most Fender Strat ver, making it vulnerable to be broken if the guitar rest on your lap.

Tough works for the body like i said. Quite a good weapon in a guitar brawl.

I would give a 4 if taking into consideration that it makes a good deal for a beginner guitar, but compared to other better guitars out there, its only about 2.
Final verdict: 4+2/2 = 3

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