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MGR/ErcDaMerc 12/04/2003

Yamaha EG303 : MGR/ErcDaMerc's user review

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I bought this off of a friend for $100 with the soft case that came with the guitar.

As mentioned in another review it is great for a beginner and it does stay in tune very well. This guitar has lasted 3 years of getting knocked around, intense temperature and humidity (both highs and lows), and me playing the hell out of it. I had the trust rod adjusted once and haven't had to mess with it since.

The whammy bar does not rotate smoothly. Furthermore, this guitar does not produce great sound without a little distortion.

Also, the soft case sucks and will fall apart.

This guitar is very sturdy and can take a lot of abuse.

This guitar is great for a beginner. First of all its sturdy and won't fall apart if you knock it around a little. Secondly, its cheap and if you decide you want to invest some more money into your instrument you can upgrade your pickups and what not and have a great guitar.

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