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MGR/Jeremy 03/07/2004

Yamaha EG303 : MGR/Jeremy's user review

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I bought this Guitar of a friend for AUD$200 which included a 30watt amp and a soft case. it's in pretty good condition and is all you need for your first guitar.

what i like about the EG303 is that it can withstand any sort of bump (eg. when you drop it), this making it the ideal beginer guitar. it also keeps tune very well and i guess is worth the money when you think about it.

it's probably a bit too heavy and bulky, and once you get better you are probly going to want a better one almost straight away. its sometimes frustrating to play aswell as it doesnt always have the best sound.

It's a very solid tough unit that can handle any sort of bashing and still be fine. No matter how much you play it, it will last a very long time.

The EG303 is more of a begginers guitar but it's all you need to start off with and it should last a very long time. i recommend the EG303 to any one starting off as it is very cheap, and very tough.

im only rating it 2 because im comparing it to pretty much every guitar out there, and there are some guitars this one can't compare too.

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