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MGR/enraged 05/05/2003

Yamaha RGX121S : MGR/enraged's user review

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I got this guitar at Archambault in Quebec. I paid about $270+ Canadian dollars for it. very very decent for the price, might i add! I picked it up because it had 2 humbuckers, was light, and looked pretty nice all together:D

um, basically everything. It's a really good beginner's guitar. If you know absolutely nothing about buying a guitar or what kind of guitar you want, get this one. It's a very well rounded guitar.

It has 2 humbuckers (not the greatest for humbuckers, but they do sound a hell of a lot better than those crappy cheap pickups) and a pick up in the middle (...which sounds like absolute crap, but it's ok if you know how to work your way around a good amp;)

The action is absolutely freaking excellent for the price you pay. before purchasing this guitar i borrowed my friend's shitty mock strat from some half assed company, and that piece of crap costed her over $500. and the action on that sucked. and alot of guitars dont have the close action that this one has.

The Floyd Rose tremolo is pretty fun. but once you use it too much, sometimes it can get outta tune...or maybe it's cuz my strings are old haha.

well the tone and volume knobs fell off. if you stick them back they just fall off again (and i haven't even dropped it or anything, not even gigged). um...the low "E" buzzes more often than most guitars, but the sound doesnt get picked up by the amp so that's alright. that's it really, it's a great guitar for it's price.

pretty good quality i guess. i've never dropped it, so i wouldn't know. it's incredibly light. it seems to be sturdy. i dont know...go find one and drop it!!! :P

Excellent guitar. you will not find a better guitar for it's freaking cheap price! the only thing i wish to change is to have more frets (it only has 22) and better pickups and humbuckers. but for $270, i really can't complain.

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