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  • Alesis M1Active MKII

    Alesis M1Active MKII - " Good for beginners."


    The amp included within motivated me to buy it, and again I already knew these speakers, their sound etc. .. I wanted for my home studio, waiting to have more money to pay me to listen better. SOUNDS the stereo image is not bad, however the frequ…

  • KRK VXT6

    KRK VXT6 - " Excellent speakers!"


    I heard about KRK several times before having the opportunity to listen to what give the VXT8, and there was a shock! I heard all the little errors of my mix that I could not perceive before, so I decided to buy me a pair of VXT6 which are in fact in…

  • Focal Solo6 Be

    Focal Solo6 Be - Diouk's review


    use: home studio What motivated my purchase? Simple, I listened to the speakers in the stores for a long time. I have not heard too much (for my taste)! Connected directly to a quad UAD Apollo, it's great! SOUNDS It is a very neutral speaker,…

  • Kurzweil KS-40 A

    Kurzweil KS-40 A - " A good job in less than 100 euros"


    active speakers studio near underpowered. Obviously, given the size of the speakers, do not expect big bass. But for less than 100 euros, these plays are what they are told, are quite accurate and do not forgive anything. I use them in the studio …

  • ESI nEar 05

    ESI nEar 05 - " Fully satisfied, advise"


    Their powers of 2x75 watts rms combined out a strong and well coated for its use studio, or a room of 25 square meters ... They are easy to carry, fit easily in a travel bag, well protected with a soft plaid preferably Kg but are felt when …

  • JBL 4311

    JBL 4311 - " 4311 b is really great!"


    I have first used to running my music, I was equipped with the latest and it was one of the best ... SOUNDS Is the emotional magnifies my senses? I have 35 years and I never find their equivalent. The curves are impeccably neutral and powerful an…

  • Focal Twin6 Be

    Focal Twin6 Be - " Focal Twin6"


    Hp 3-way build quality and finish. I use them in my studio with the same SUB series is monstrous. They are coupled to a Benchmark DAC 1. The room is acoustically treated and below the boxes is the Primacoustic. SOUNDS The frequency curve is suffi…

  • Yamaha MSP7

    Yamaha MSP7 - Alternat Runner's review


    Previously, I was equipped with Yamaha HS80 Mr. Very good speaker a general fairly neutral, but the vent is located at the rear which in home studio setup can be very embarrassing for the proper dissemination of low frequencies. I wanted to stay w…

  • Samson Technologies Resolv 65a

    Samson Technologies Resolv 65a - Le Garage Studio's review


    See below. SOUNDS See below. OVERALL OPINION An unnamed dung. I used them in the last century, shit. But a nice big shit. No presence, no proper stereo, no asset that you will find if it is only one good reason to invest in these hollow box…

  • Yamaha HS50M

    Yamaha HS50M - " I still do my pooper"


    Studio use, the second listening at the time. I was impressed by the reviews and tests. Error. SOUNDS The frequency curve is pretty good, except excessive presence of high mids and highs. Not at all an advantage as I have read below. Fortunatel…