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  • Equator Audio Research D8

    Equator Audio Research D8 - " Incredible report qualitprix"


    I was looking for a pair of high-end monitors for a pretty tight budget. I had to replace my Fostex PM5, which I found a bit nbuleuse at the bottom, and that surcrot instruments began to age (tweeter's tired right speaker. I use them in a home stud…

  • Equator Audio Research D5

    Equator Audio Research D5 - " Almost perfect"


    Super report sound / price. SOUNDS Basically, I refer you to the opinion of RenoMellow. The sound is very clear and precise when used at normal volume. However, when you listen to music with lots of bass at high volume, it is common for the woo…

  • Equator Audio Research D8

    Equator Audio Research D8 - " Pregnant precision"


    What characteristics have motivated your choice? Many details, so a pregnant fast says. 8 inches for the chest width. For what purpose? What configuration? ... The home studio, rm ucx, spl2control, 2 slices Studer rack short, I tried to ke…

  • ADAM A3X

    ADAM A3X - " To top"


    Small footprint, only monitoring in this range (between krk and Genelec). I use them in a home studio for mixing my songs plugged in out of my mbox. SOUNDS The sound is very neutral, almost perfect sound, it just lacks a bit low but good for pr…

  • M-Audio BX8 D2

    M-Audio BX8 D2 - " I will test them and you say the news."


    I might order it because it is one of the only models to offer as wide a range of frequencies (38> 22 kHz). I do not want to mix the blind in the bass. By suddenly it's against the 8 "woofers which represents 20 cm made a big to be the play from ho…

  • Yamaha HS80M

    Yamaha HS80M - " Very good choice"


    Yamaha reputation in the field. Used with a subwoofer yamaha yst-sw 320 for audiovisual mixing and music. Possibility of adjusting the curve on the rear side. SOUNDS Pregnant pretty flat compared to BX8 some Genelec or that flatters many but …

  • Bose xl4000 interaudio

    Bose xl4000 interaudio - " listening comfort = good, but ... yes!"


    I just bought this pair of speakers through the classifieds after getting inspired (very) good reviews Audiofanzine I wanted to get myself my opinion, well, here it is done! Without further delay in stride after purchase so I've plugged into my amp…

  • Prodipe Pro Ribbon 8

    Prodipe Pro Ribbon 8 - " Perfect for the living room or studio"


    My choice was motivated by the tapes, I use my "prodipe" for the living room and studio SOUNDS ola ... the sound is good and well restored (Live) OVERALL OPINION I use them for a little over a year, small flat on the LED in frontage sometimes…

  • KRK RP6 G2

    KRK RP6 G2 - " KRK RP6 G2"


    I went to listen to several speakers, Yamaha HS5, RCF Ayra Five, and the Fostex Pm0.4D biensure KRK. I was looking for good quality speakers to start in the world of computer music and make listening mostly. The biggest advantage they have, in my o…

  • Edifier HCS2330   C2+

    Edifier HCS2330 C2+ - " HCS2330 Edifier C2 + or how to transform your pc HIFI"


    Pregnant plugger an old pc for listening space (living room). SOUNDS I discovered this model in educating me on the net, and the unanimity of opinion on different sites I got risky and I must say that I am completely amazed by the sound reproduct…