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  • M-Audio SBX10

    M-Audio SBX10 - " Cheap and has subs ..."


    What motivated me was the fact that indeed down to 20Hz, use in home studio, and for listening to music. Used in conjunction with my M-Audio M3-8, I prefer to use elements of the same brand when it is possible, for stories sound rendering. Then I lik…

  • Fostex 6301B

    Fostex 6301B - " recomendation"


    on his return is because there are not weighing more than a 10 watt armored especially recording studio well distributed SOUNDS the sound is not very clear picture on that these sour OVERALL OPINION the price is very affordable for the qualit…

  • Alesis M1 Active 320 USB

    Alesis M1 Active 320 USB - hans241's review


    Having had no point of reference and comparison, I was skeptical about the sound quality and power of 10W: Actually no, I was pleasantly surprised! * What characteristics have motivated your choice? The price and audio interface, or need anythin…

  • Focal Solo6 Be

    Focal Solo6 Be - " Top game listening"


    The reputation of the brand Focal and comparative listening in Michenaud. They are very beautiful (if it matters if the aesthetics). Using pro home studio. Taking voice, percussion, guitar. No jack against mandatory by XLR (standard pro). Switch to…

  • ADAM F7

    ADAM F7 - " I love it!"


    (Anyway, I apologize for my French, because it is not my native language) Purchased for their good reviews in the media and their professionneaux price, I do not regret it! I use them in my home studio for mixing. SOUNDS Its detailed, especi…

  • Genelec 1029A

    Genelec 1029A - " Very satisfied"


    10 The compactness, robustness, and very favorable reviews in the specialist press for sound. In use, I'm not disappointed at all, the volume is comfortable and precision and largely up to my use. SOUNDS 8 I want to meet 4 times yes, keepi…

  • Prodipe Pro 6

    Prodipe Pro 6 - " Many worries"


    I tried it prodipe in 2013, having heard these speakers in store. For once, I ran ... and I was wrong. Cheap, 299 euros the pair, they seemed excellent. In fact they are anything but neutral. SOUNDS Not neutral, they are multimedia speakers luxur…

  • KRK RP5 G3

    KRK RP5 G3 - " Accuracy max!"


    What motivated me to buy this pair of speakers, after reading various tests available on the English site, the accuracy and reliability of the equipment. I use them in my little home studio, it integrates perfectly. SOUNDS The sound is very cle…

  • Yamaha HS8

    Yamaha HS8 - " Excellent"


    Power is necessarily in the appointment. Frequencies that no flatter pieces except better mixed is obtained, and subsequently falls directly on the imperfections. It should be noted that the addition of a subwoofer is optional, because of the ability…

  • Yamaha HS8

    Yamaha HS8 - " Top Notch"


    Power is forcment the appointment. We obtain frequencies that do not flatter pieces except better mixes, and it subsequently falls directly imperfections. It is noted that the addition of a subwoofer becomes optional, due to the ability to reproduce …