Access Music Virus B : Anonymous 's user review


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I just erecevoir the Beast, spent 8 hours on it.
Complete, especially with the PC / mac.


Config quite simple if one takes the time to read the manual to include two or three orders not "natural"

Edition as simple bcp parameters available on the panel. Also the manual is very well done, with even a dash of humor that lightens the content rather pointed ...


OK, the sound it is there ... This is my first "big" analog synth (modeling) after AI1 and micro korg. The sound is really richer, more alive and sponsor! We really feel like an instrument before, it makes you want to play. I think this synth is complete and therefore knows no limits.

However, the presets (like tjs) its really disappointing!


So only qq hours of use ... Strong point: it seems solid, the knobs are nice and clear.
The buttons themselves are ugly but effective. Buy 800 euros.
It's really good stuff, powerful and strong ...
A buy eyes closed!