lowweek 08/07/2003

Access Music Virus B : lowweek's user review


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I can not remember but detailed characteristics:
3 + oscillator subosc
1024 patches
Two resonant filters can be combined at will.
3 LFO, coupled with a huge matrix (also including the modulation / pitch bend / aftertouch / velocity and
other DC sources, and everything you dream in output, ie all).
Effects: chorus / reverb / delay distortion / bass boost ... Impeccable.
MIDI sync automatically (switchable)
I have never missed or multitimbral polyphony.
Access to the site, there are always new patch banks
(And what banks) and updates are free and required (new features).

3 MIDI ports, classical.
In contrast, 4 audio outputs (and the ability to exploit surround effects!), And 2 inputs
audio, because the beast is an amazing vocoder.


Programming not too complex, provided that we know at least the structure of a synthetic
Manuel very well done, complete with real guides on the site of Access. It is even more
the service of creativity but after-sales!
Editing sounds is facilitated by delivery of a SoundDiver editor format.

Warning: like any true analog, you have to go slowly with the knobs, a micro-
variation can result in sudden changes in tone. In short, it's serious and not plugin (mdr).


That's the strength. What a sound!
We do all kind of music is a synth that of the respondent.
New Age, Techno, Electronica, SFX ... Anything is possible. I use the same
to make sound design!
With FM synthesis, we even interesting simulations of Rhodes
Mellotron, Clavinet, ...

In short, the kind of device that connects and on which we pass whole evenings
alone play. Make certain sounds totally addicted!


I use it for 1 year, no problems of reliability, it must be said that the buttons and appearance
of the device are very reassuring (wooden sides!).

I tried the main competitors at Novation, Waldorf, Nord Lead, etc ...
The North and Waldorf are very good, but perhaps less versatile.

I bought it used, an excellent deal because prices are rhédibitoires nine,
and France, they are imported into dropper (for UM Distrib). Too bad, because the
Access synths deserve to be far more "profile".

Note the excellent support of Access Music, a model of its kind ...