mac-man 10/31/2005

Access Music Virus B : mac-man's user review


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I will not repeat what has been said about the features. All it takes is that it's ultra svoir complete.


Little we know just the use of synths, there is no problem. Everything is well organized, there is a maximum of knobs to the touch and most importantly, the manual is super well done. Even a novice can quickly unravel if he follows the instructions. As for editing sounds, menus are simple even if it takes a few days before taking his bearings. As against the vocoder is a real mess if we have no credible basis. Least for this one although I personally feel that it's going to fun to take my head ...


The sound is the highlight of this synth. This is known as a big beast. It can get crazy low, although trash, groundwater, air leads super aggressive ... A very good versatility in bulk. Obviously it's not too much to imagine the trouble out of realistic acoustic instrument sounds with it. For patches against the organ are really well made, I have a friend who thought he heard his own Farfisa!
Otherwise the effect section is far from being ridiculous and there are ways to have fun a good time with.


I bought the B Virus Used (750 €) about two weeks ago but I use from time to time an Indigo (not mine) for a year. A priori, no reason to be disappointed with this machine, it's really good stuff. I've tried before and the Indigo frankly I was very surprised at the similarity between the two models. Apart from the keyboard in addition to the redback, I have not seen any differences. So excellent machine. A buy eyes closed if you want a good analog modeling synth and sound deadly. I have not the slightest regret, quite the contrary.

Added the 31/10, even if the machine is very reliable, the least problem, the repair will be complicated and very (trop. ..) expensive. The virus must indeed be repaired in Germany, in Access, which means absolutely to repair and prevent you from finding another way. If your cousin Kevin found plucking a knob with a wrench was a great idea, Access refuses to send any spare parts and require references from the synth, even though you can repair yourself. With the price of return (at your expense, of course) and that of repair, thus count in the € 100 (or more) for a problem that seems minor. Access thank you ...