Access Music Virus B : Anonymous 's user review


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Analog modeling
16 multitimbral parts!
6 audio outputs
2 audio inputs
midi in / out / thru
32 pots
3 + 1 sub occilateurs
3 LFO assignable to an amount of different parameters
FM / waveform / etc ...
many effects
etc ...

trs trs really full!


Many can be knob ACCS directly to the main parameters, good point, cepeda it will go through many sub-menus for the accsa full of all parameters while editing a sound.
there are 2 pots "define" or one can determine'm even the parameters on which they will act each pure sound.
it is a fairly complex machine that is not obvious to take over the first time, but you get done fast enough.
manual in English rather well.


The sound is HUGE! I love this synth can really becaufe out ultra aggressive sound, great bass, great sheets, lead cutting, FX, he can do everything ... and done well trs.
I also like the grain "modern". the filters are excellent ... it sounds the thunder!
it's a synth that is trs east electro / techno / trance / etc...mais there is really versatile.
Virus used to have a "C" for many months, I immediately silent tonn by the similarity between the two machines. it really levels the "kif-kif" no real difference as it sounds "big" and found the same "grain", even the general structure of menus is identical ... the only difference between these two synthetic s is that the virus "C" has more paramtres the "B".

the 3 + occilateurs the sub can really CRER trs trs of its large, add a ca in "unison" (16) and you blow your speakers. It can be a real Dilma becaufe is tempted to magnify the sound, and this may eventually become difficult to mix trs ...
the effects are real quality and all possdent many parameters: the reverb is good but sounds a little metal if it EXAGRES, the delay is OK, the beautiful phaser, chorus trs well. there are several types of distortions (light, medium, hard, digital, correct, bitreducer, ratereducer, HIPASS ... etc) that I find really excellent! there is also the "Analog Boost" that simulates the "punch" of bass synths analog ... in short, all these effects can really get a wide range of sounds and that's cool!
The LFO section is fucking great too. 3 lfo's are assigned to a multitude of parameters and allow CRER sounds alive and complex. there are of course all the synchonization hologe noon.
the arpegiatteur is really excellent, modes up / down / chord / random etc ..., 4 octaves, controlling the duration of notes (notelenght) and features 64 different rhythm patterns + parameter "Swing" that can give groove to the rhythm ... what s'ammuser.


It is a rather complex synth nessecite really immerse themselves in (if you're new at this) in order to make the most. I think it relement shame to have such a machine and only use the presets. you would spend a lot of cot.
I test Novation (as, KS5 ..) alesis (ion), korg (MS2000) Clavia (Nordlead3), Emu (audacity) waldorf (mq) roland, etc., etc ... are the Virus for me the best analog modeling synthsa (it's 100% subjective question gots ...) I love their sounds, their "potato", and possibilities virtually endless. and I think that despite what one can say about the price high enough price that they are ultimately a better "qualitpossibilits / price" that such NORD LEAD ...