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The Best DJ CD Decks for Around $500

The top budget CD decks for DJs

Even if DJs are turning more and more towards immaterial formats nowadays, it's still useful to keep a good old CD player lying around, one that can play back normal Red Book CDs as well as those stacked with compressed files. There are different models for around $500. We asked the global Audiofanzine community which ones are their favorites, so without further adieu, here are the best CD decks for DJ according to you!

Best DJ CD Decks Poll Results

Pioneer CDJ-350

Getting Started : Pioneer CDJ

The Pioneer CDJ-350 won more than half the votes in the survey and almost twice as much as the second pick. This deck can read different formats like AAC, AIFF, MP3, and even WAV, it can be controlled via MIDI and features an anti-shock system. Add to that the Resume and Auto-Standby functions, the Rekordbox software and you end up with the quintessential CD deck for around $500.

Denon DN-SC2900

Getting Started : denon dj sc2900 153765

The Denon DN-SC2900 and its array of interesting features came in second with about a quarter of the votes. It can be MIDI and USB controlled, comes with Traktor LE 2 and is compatible with the ENGINE software to manage your music library. Especially noteworthy are the possibility to share a USB drive between different SC2900s and that it can play back different formats, like AAC, AIFF, MP3, and WAV. It also features a USB audio interface with ASIO and CORE drivers.

Audiophony CDX6

Getting Started : audiophony cdx6 101257

The outsider in the list is the CDX6 by French brand Audiophony, which ended up third. Presented as the company’s crown jewel, this CD deck features adjustable automatic and manual loops, synced-to-beat effects, four Hot Cues, sample support (with up to four storable samples), and a Scratch function. It can play back MP3 CDs but also supports USB (sticks and drives) and is compatible with most DJing software. Other interesting features include the three jog modes, Vinyl, Bend and A.Cue Scratch, as well as the variable pitch (+/-6%, 10%, 16%, and 100%) with Pitch Bend function.

Other CD decks that received votes include:

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