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Thread Hello to all from ZepSinger

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1 Hello to all from ZepSinger
Hi to all-

New to the board, but not to the industry. I've got 25+ years' experience in a 24 track analog studio, having written/recorded about 7 albums' worth of material. I was pretty much on the road as a lead guitarist from 1983-1993. During much of that time, I wrote many of my tunes in my Fostex 4 track cassette recorder. The quality sucked, but it was a great songwriting tool.

For the last 7 years, I performed in my church's praise band (very contemporary, full rock band). But now that my kids are at a self-sufficient age, I've decided to switch gears and write an album's worth of Christian rock and/or acoustic tunes, ala Jack Johnson. And so- I've sold off much of my live road gear and have put together a nice little digital studio in the basement. Equipment includes a killer PC with a gig of RAM and a total 650 gig HD space, Adobe Audition 2.0, Reason 3.0, Delta 1010LT interface card, M Audio MIDI controller keyboard, Sony monitors, AKG Perception 200 studio mic w. pop filter, Roland ME-10 FX and GR-09 guitar synth, Alvarez acoustic guitar, Jackson Dinky reverse outfitted with MIDI pickup, and my 1976 Gibson Flying V.

The intent is to produce a CD and start on rotation at a couple of local coffeehouses in the Kansas City area. Anyway- just wanted to say hi and I'm glad to have found the forum!!!