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Thread Lexicon Omega malfunctioning...or bad engineering?

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1 Lexicon Omega malfunctioning...or bad engineering?
hey guys. Just got an Omega..running into an HP zx Pavillion 5000 laptop. Set the new project for "audio only", loaded ancient VS-880 tracks, played with them, everything working fine, saved, closed program...then the problems started.

1) my laptop frefused to shutdown, crashing instead.....1st time EVER! (XP home )
I eventually figured out that I had to disconnect the Omega each time...annoying but effective.

2) took my laptop to a coffee shop to relax and edit some of the new tracks and.....
wha? tracks wouldn't even run, much less make a peep. Naturally I checked the "output" bar on the track strip and yes, it showed no outputs available. OK, so, my other sound editing program plays tracks with the windows SoundMAX card, so, what's with ProTracks? My laptop showed the SoundMAX as being enabled...which I confirmed by playing a few dreamy moments of "Schooldays" by Gentle Giant. Please don't even think of telling me that it requires you to be plugged up to Omega for it to work...well, if you have to break that news, I'll be a big boy and cry like a man before I pillage Lexicon with every musician I know. I checked every input/output option I could find with no luck, the program just will not play the tracks at all. And might I add that the help menu and the manual sucK! Like, what to do if you know your sound card works but the program isn't finding it or accessing it. When it tells you to select audio input or outputs, you should be able to enter those in instead of being forced to choose from a menu that doesn't list anything.....

3) so, I get home, replug all the Lexicon stuff, load the tracks and presto, the tracks run, but hey, where's the audio? Don't tell me....yep, no audio, so, I go to every option I can think of and that's it, the thing is no longer recognizing any input or output. I ran the wave profiler and it says everything is fine, I restart the program a number of times but I keep getting the "no midi inputs/outputs chosen, so, I try to choose and there's nothing to chose from, even though the Omega is hooked up...it won't even acknowledge the windows midi-mapper that my laptop claims to have functioning. So, that's it. the other programs I run that work fine are Acid Pro 3.0 and Wavelab Lite. No hitches, no probs, of course, I didn't use Omega to record them, either.

That's it. I really don't want to have to go back to using the VS880. If I have to reload the ProTracks that will suck since I'll lose four hours of editing work from the one session it did work. Won't someone rise out of the cybersea to assist me, oh pleeeease.

Ken ray Wilemon
I had a similar problem with a similar setup. I reinstalled the ASIO driver and that seemed to fix it up. Also, if you're using XP, you might try some of the tweaks found here:


I've found that the ASIO driver is kind of bulky (not to mention buggy). I've had several instances where Cubase will decide to not play any sound if I try to start playback from anywhere except the beginning of the song. Closing Cubase and restarting it usually fixes it, but it's fairly annoying. It's the price I pay for being a cheapskate and not forking over the dough for a Mac.
<--END RANT-->

I hope this helps you.
Hi there.....I have had similar problem with my Lexicon Omega and Cubase LE.
After I've launched the Cubase I start a new project and select the file save location and the Lexicon USB LED starts blinking fast and locks up the Cubase so that it wont close!
No matter what you do in WinXP it will not release the Cubase application!!
The only solution I've found is to unplugged the Lexicon which releases Cubase and then it closes.

Have you or anyone out there figured out what is going on.....
I have gotten it to work before and this is something new that has started and now happens everytime.
I've tried everything i can think of to fix it including re-installing

Any ideas or help would be great and if i find out anything from Lexicon I'll post what I get from them .....as of right now I'm pretty unhappy with the whole Lexicon and Cubase thing........Mackie tracktion might have been a better idea....guess thats what you get for buying one product who throws in the cheap limited version of another product.......then they can easily point the finger at the other person and noby gets anything fixed......