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Thread audio problems cubase sx

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1 audio problems cubase sx
hay all i new to this and hope that sombody can help i have cubase but for the life of me when i record a drum track and then go on to record a second audio track it tends to record slightly over it is there a set rule to recording multipul audio oh yah and do all the faders in the mixer have to be at the same level realy confused on this ,sounds like im getin a sorta delay .there must be a way of recording each audio treck independently wiles hearing others with out any interfearence sorrie abt the spelling ...if any could help pleaseeeeeee....:D
My sympathies, lovechild... if there's one consistent side effect this avocation has, it's G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome). A fatal ailment (to one's credit account) if left uncontrolled. :D

Seriously though, I used to mix with a pair of Roland MA-20s, though lacking somewhat in bass response, they were quite good in translating my mixes; I guess my ears got attuned to them. I now use Fostex 2.1's - definitely nowhere near the top-of-the-line models but they sound good and again my mixes translate well. I've kept one of the MA-20s as a mono monitor. Both monitor systems have amps built in (powered monitors), which is a personal preference; negates the need for a separate power amp.

Good hunting on the amps/monitors!
all sorted did some reasurch and have cracked it i think i will need a volume amp for monerting ,my speakers are ok but no way near good enougth , the (what u here problem) and feed back over dub was because of the faders being to high yah..at last cheers kitc.....(on the look out for some good speakers now and an amp)... i love musiccccccc..
cheers will do thanks for your support ..will see what i can find under what you here ..

The really good soundcards come in 2 flavors for me, pci and firewire. Most usb 1.1 soundcards only have a max of 2 inputs so it can be limiting if you need more inputs. There are good cards from M-Audio, Presonus... going higher up, there's RME, Lynx, Creamware. I'd recommend the Emu but it's what I would call a 'tweaker's' card - a very excellent sounding card but you have to optimize your computer for it to work properly; most folks don't have the patience for that, a shame.

Are you monitoring in Cubase? I almost always never do because I use the direct monitoring on my Emu - no latency and no feedback so long as my Patchmix is properly configured. I treat Cubase more like a tape recorder, tracking with no effects and low latencies, preferring to use higher latencies when I'm mixing down and piling on the effects. Chances are you have a sort of feedback loop - the dreaded 'What U Hear' prevalent in most Soundblaster cards. Try to do a search on 'What U Hear' here and on the net; that will solve most of your recoding problems.

oh yah and is there anyway of making the monitering process of what i have previously recorded any higher sorrie to ask so many questions thank you for your support
i have come to this working conclusion that with the moniter button down feed back happens i then went on lower the mixer faders so that i could just about hear what i had already recorded and found that no over dub was happening and when i played back all three audio channels they sounded fine .
my question is,is that standerd cubase working practice as i am very new to cubase and mixers
i dident have the moniter button down and my faders where sky high ?
hay kitc could you also recomend a good sound card as the one i have is not realy up to it and i would rather have a good on for better results, i would like a mixer that could tackle both midi and audio i belive that would be good for mastering

%1$s a écrit i know that cubase sx comes with its own mixer but i kinda like the idear of having a hardware version any recomendations on a good one have searched but not to sure what to buy...

By hardware version of cubase's mixer, are you referring to midi controllers? There are several controllers that give you tactile control over Cubase's mixer. Some have motorized faders, such as the old CM Automation Motormix, Behringer BCF 2000 - these don't pass audio thru their circuitry. The Tascam 1884 and Yamaha 01X offer mixer control along with audio capabilities. There are also non-motorized variants from JL Cooper, Evolution and others.

If you are referring to analog mixers, then the inputs and outputs of your soundcard determines what kind of mixer you will need.

thanks kitc i now have down loaded the asio4all and i think i under stand would i be right in saying it about changing the buffer size, i will check out those sights i reacon they are gona be extreamly handy i know that cubase sx comes with its own mixer but i kinda like the idear of having a hardware version any recomendations on a good one have searched but not to sure what to buy...