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hey, im austin



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1 Posted on 07/30/2005 at 01:46:59
hello, im austin

im pretty new to music production
my studio consists of a dell dimension 4700
e-mu 1010 pci card, e-mu sync card, and e-mu 1820m sound dock
i use cubase vst 5.1 as a studio currently
i use the casio ctk-481 61 key keyboard as a midi "synth" which goes thru my patchmix dsp software
along with a MXL 990 microphone with a pop blocker and proline stand
for monitors i use a logitech stereo headset headphones, and logitech 5.1 speakers
i plan on making many different kinds of music, mainly hip hop, rave, heavy metal-alt rock, and techno
i dont have a great voice but i have a great ear for the piano and effects (vocal and synth) which is why i normally add cool effects to my voice
my dad is great on the electric guitar though, hes got a fender american telecaster that will sound sweet through the phantom power 48v amp on the 1820m

my email is
email me if you want to hear my latest creations
i dont have a website yet
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