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Thread Hola

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1 Hola
My name is Scott, and I have a home studio in Atlanta (Sound Lab Studios). Very Basic Setup:


- Acoustic Guitar with pickup
- Mexican Strat (w/ overdrive pedal, wah pedal, and Line 6 delay modeler)
- cheap congos and bongos
- Yamaha PSR-270 Keyboard
- Epiphone Electric Bass
- various shakers and percussion
- harmonica

Amps: Fender Practice Amp for Guitar and Bass Amp

Mixer: Behringer Eurorack MX802A

Beats: Fruity Loops 4.1

Recording Software: Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.

I mostly record jam sessions with a room mic, but have done about 20 songs using loops of recorded instruments. Also experimenting with more loops on the Line 6 delay modeler. Makes for interesting possibilities, but can get out of hand.

Seeking Advice from anybody else trying to record extremely live sounding music. Especially if you have advice on getting nice realistic sounding drums with limited mic budget.