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Thread And another one joins

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1 And another one joins
8) I'm new to the list but old at the craft the 1st pice of audio I ever recorded at home was on a Radio Shack with a 286 CPU. My current rig is and AMD 2200, 1G DDR, EMU 0404, EMU MP7 w/Beat Garden Rom added, Evolution Ekeys 37 (just for messin'around at time) CAD GXL2200 microphone, ART Tube MP, Behringer UB502, Cubase SX3, Adobe Audition, Wavelab 4 and tons of VSTs.
If anyone knows of a company with near equal quality, but lower prices than Auralex let me know pleeeaaassseee. I need to finish my booth and Auralex wants my first born. :shock:
I just got some sheeting at Guitar Center (foam, ridges, about 30" across and 4" long). don't know who made it, but I used it to do the "dead end, live end" thing in my room, and my mixes work out pretty good. Not very scientific, but my mixes are ok!!
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
Is that a local store in your town or a web retailer I can get to? :?:
I know this is an international board, so I shouldn't be amazed.

Guitar Center is probably the biggest music chain in the US. Honestly, I just assumed everybody had heard of it!!

Try www.musiciansfriend.com

That's Guitar Center's online store, more or less.....

This is what I have:

It IS Auralex. The MF package offers 8 2X4' panels. Somehow, I was able to buy it by the panel individually. As I recall, I got 5 sheets for @ $25/sheet. The price is about the same per sheet here......


FWIW, my firstborn cost me more than that!!! :lol:
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
Might also try Parts Express.


Look for Pyramid Acoustic Foam.