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Thread Clueless bassman wants to record drumtracks to CD or ?

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1 Clueless bassman wants to record drumtracks to CD or ?
Hi; I'm a bassman that wants to record drum tracks of specific songs to CD for playing at the gig. Its very difficult to find a drummer in my area.

I will need to have a seperate drum track recording for each tune we play.
What software would be best to use? A friend has some programs called Cakewalk and Audition and Powertracks and I think also Band in a box.

I have a Zoom MRT-3 drum machine but am not sure it is the best choice for making synthetic drum tracks. I'm a clueless noobie and any advice will be much appreciated. flatpickbassplayer
Any of these program is good. But it is quite hard to make full drum line with all fills. I suggest you very simple program caled modplug tracker. I do drums wit this and the I export them as midi and inport them to cubase and add good sampled sounds.
Thanks for the reply and info. Is MIDI difficult to learn?? Will it require expensive, exotic, equipment ?? I will look up Modplug Tracker on google.
Thank you for sharing your recording experience with me.
Sincerely; Jim.
P.S. I tried to find Modplug but the website is so confusing. I just chased my tail to nowhere jumping through all their sensless hoops and following dead end leads. I think the site belongs to an evil practical jokester. The site is a waste of time so the software (if you ever get it) is probably a waste of time also. So much for a discouraging start.
You don't need any equipment just computer, soundcard and speakers. And you need a sequencer software. You can try cubase or some else sequencer.

You can find modplug on http://www.modplug.com/modplug/download.php3?session=&download=Tracker
Maybe Reason? But I don't like it. In modplug you have to insert your drum sample sounds (wav) and than try to do something. If you want I can sand you some examples?
By all means YES! Please send some examples, I'm starving for information. Every word recieved from all sources is very valued here.
I eagerly await your reply. I'm looking through Modplug trying to find the handle. I'm sure that with such good experienced people as all of you freely giving advice and suggestions and moral support I will eventually be able to make my dream come true. Thanks; Jim.
Give me your mail and I will send you some samples.
Please send samples to ploki@emailaccount.com thanks jim
I send you. I hope you find out how modplug works.
Thank you Manowar;
I have put the samples on my desktop for easy access. Now I will try to solve the riddle of using Modplug to hear them. Thank you. Jim.

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