Fender American Telecaster [2000-2007]
Fender American Telecaster [2000-2007]

American Telecaster [2000-2007], TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Telecaster series.

iamqman 09/29/2011

Fender American Telecaster [2000-2007] : iamqman's user review

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The Fender telecaster is an great accomplishment for the guitar world. It was the first guitar as introduced by the Fender music company and still today is still one of the most iconic and glorified instruments in the rock 'n roll world. It's a simple design with two single coil pickups with a volume control knob and a tone control knob with a pick up selector. It's in easy guitar and it's just a simple design and really just a classic sound. It has a nice organic sound that is very addictive if you're playing clean amplifiers all the way up to moderately mild gain amplifiers.


The tone of these guitars are phenomenal. They give you exactly what you put into them. They have a nice clean shiny tone but you do you give it a little dirt or distortion , they can give you a nice driving sustain tone. These are great guitars for country players all the way up to rock 'n roll players. It has a nice feel and a nice balance overall to the instrument. These necks are a little bit thinner and slimmer than the fender Stratocaster guitars so you can really get that good plucking in solo style down pretty easily with these necks. That's why a lot of country players gravitate towards these instruments is because they can play pretty quickly with their lead and solo rhythm playing. Plus they just sounds great through a clean amplifier which is a little bit of distortion in it.


If you do play this guitar then if you have a hiking amplifier it will sound excellent as well. I really like these guitars with a nice fender hot rod deluxe amplifier and good overdrive pedal with some digital delay. It gets a great solid rock 'n roll town that is perfect for covers and just general pop or rock music. That would be my perfect combo with this guitar. I have never liked the sound of the Tele with a high gain amp but more with a clean amp with some boosted pedal overdrive.


I highly recommend a Fender telecaster to any guitar player because it has such a unique sound and feel that is different from any other guitar. So if you have a Gibson Les Paul or Fender Stratocaster or Paul Reed Smith guitar or anything of that nature. This will go well with your collection of guitars because it has its own unique feel and sound. You're just starting out on the guitar this is a great guitar start with because it has a good basis for burning chords and the feel of the neck is just right.