Jack & Danny TL

TL, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Jack & Danny in the TL Series series.

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dudeseb 09/30/2012

Jack & Danny TL : dudeseb's user review

«  good shovel ... but for the price »

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a Chinese pure strain
telecaster copy so I will not dwell on the features.
Handle very little varnished (to ask if it is).
Key clogs breakneck speed ON like it or not but we need to know.
Frets of average quality but properly installed. Some finishing details not terrible on my model: large traces of glue near the heel and body in 5 parts anyway (it does not show too much and again for the price, it is very normal).
Pickguard ugly and cheap, if you can change.


Handle fairly large but very comfortable in the end. It makes you want to type on 2cordes bend. This is a guitar rock no doubt. Ergonomics is a tv so that again, you know where you put your feet :) (no chamfer!).
The tuners seem to me to keep the agreement.


I like the sound of the bridge pickup Twange that it is even used in the clear. My favorite. The handle is really too dull, undefined, yuck.
Considering the price, it is quick to get into it, have fun.


I post this notice to weight the previous (and does my model, it is very likely that the quality control gives mixed models).
This is a nice scratch, just to finish correctly (no more) and whose handle can be confusing (not varnished maple almost, it not run the streets).
The pickups are a decent quality (for the bridge, the handle to throw mine is).
I'll try to put him mics OCCAZ when I croiserai.
€ 89 to nine, you blow it, you start good and cheap.