Jack & Danny TL

TL, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Jack & Danny in the TL Series series.

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Kingbykers 09/15/2007

Jack & Danny TL : Kingbykers's user review


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Telecaster made in china (there is a autocolant back of the head of the guitar).
22 frets but we know still put a pickgard "standart Fender" ... I do not know why but I always just my pickgard colant.Les mcaniques are playable but must be changed (Check on guitar fetish) ... Apart from that there nothing nya "CACA" on guitare.Surtout finishes are perfect while nickel is no default.
Well, the bridge is like all the tele, or almost => a big metal plate and three bridges ... and a recess volume 1 tone and a 3 position switch 2 single coil ...
Oh yes I have black ... I bought 100 of a music store cologne.
This is my 2nd guitar (before I had a stratocaster). I've had it two months ... and especially soy does not afraid of the price it really is ... gniale 8 because of a pickgard and mcaniques.


Channel lgrement satin trs enjoyable but the key is bizare (funny touch / finally good, tastes and color ...) but it did nothing and affects gnant.Manche Saddle .
The ACCS in acute => it's a tele is not too much to ask (as head TVs) => Bolt ...
Ergonomics: it is a tele-CAD pais body well and we feel that it is an alder body, guitar PSE 4 kilos for you ... dire.AUSSI for the price it is the only tele that I found with strings through the body ...
Cot's, it's a telecaster => its full of super sharp and everything is claquant.Malgr a guitar with a lot of characters can not tt jou avec.Elle also a very s good sustain.J did it my guitar essay by many of my "friends grateux" and have me say well ... I even had to convince the Russian one of them to buy one ...


Even the pickups are rather balèze ds but you put the distortion of any amp and a boost (or pedal, etc.) there is a feedback coil tt cass.Single oblige.Elle his thing is the overdrive and / or distortion moyenne.Il trs is clear that this is not a guitar tt mtalleux ... But in my moment of madness this tele dmerde is very very good in large distortion (but not mtal) CAD: Proco Rat etc.
I play on a Marshall MG15 I modified and used as Harley Benton GA5.J pedals Behringer TO100 and DD400 Proco Rat distortion and Ibanez TS9 tube screamer.
-Bridge (bridge) a sharp bottom, super slam
Bridge and neck-snapping and acute
-Neck (neck) bass rather thoroughly blusy


I use it for 2 months I tried a Squier dja was 300 before and it seemed like no two poop from a mine ... The report quality price ... not G understand how the brand Jack & Danny could do the prices like that ... Well basically I just said avant.Avec experience I would do this choice? If I had the choice I would buy 10! In addition to me are my telecaster guitars prfrs, both for the sound to look.Elle is frankly amazing, a picture is beautiful, but once that is in one hand, it ' assurN is happiness "hsite not BOUGHT THE!