Jack & Danny TL

TL, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Jack & Danny in the TL Series series.

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Terch 09/30/2012

Jack & Danny TL : Terch's user review

« Price / quality ratio stunning! »

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Guitar made in China by the big factory which official copies (a priori).

- Bridge-type telecaster vintage 3 jumpers, jumpers changed for a 6 Warmoth.

- Hardware and Mechanical classic good quality, typical series of other plants known manufacturers.

- Maple neck, maple fingerboard, radius 7.5 or 9.5, 22 frets. This is also annoying because if the handle was a classic 21 boxes, there would be no need to disassemble every time it is necessary to remove the pickguard ... Finishing varnish on the handle slightly sensitive to wear, the more you play the better it is. Same for the key: the more I play the guitar better.

- Truss Rod hard to handle, he has to have an excess of glue when laying down, on my guitar so handle with care. Note that since I bought another scratch at the Jack & Dany (JD JM30, copy Jaguar) and I have no problems, so I think it is a little lottery ...

- Pickup Selector Switch 3 positions, one volume, one tone.

- Body in three parts, but the third is less than 1 cm above the top, so on the resonance could say 2. The assembly is perfect and very aesthetic, nothing to envy to the more expensive brands. Rather thick varnish finish.

- String-through (yes, even in the official copy base they do not do that ...).

- Pickguard cheap, change (personally I'll take a 3-fold).

Generally the violin is very good finishes nickels, at this price is amazing! It is much more beautiful in real than on the photos Music Store.


Handle: What to say ... Spent the first week with grattouiller, varnish is and the more you play, the more you want to play! Today I let her go. To enjoy a change of course provide ropes and general setting correct.
Ergonomics is classic like a 50's Telecaster, since there have been changes, but defects also provide all the charm, like the original. Access to acute perfect as on any telecaster.
The sound is the classic TV neck pickup, bridge pickup or both in parallel. TV sound is very easy to obtain.

Note the Volume and Tone knobs are not too concentric to change, as the electronics elsewhere (Included in next starts Moreover, when I shield the cavity).


The pickups on this guitar are amazing. Very very correct in all!

The neck pickup is fabulous: warm, open and flute, good dynamic for jazz, blues, pop, big PLUS guitar. The bridge pickup is it fairly standard, it twangue well and has this side sourish of Telecasters 50's, he did his job but nothing more, I intend to change it for the very good, since I tried a G & L ASAT U.S. had one bridge pickup fabulous bold, incisive but never aggressive.

I play with everything from amp simulations (microcube, Fender Mustang III), simulations (Amplitube, POD 2, Digitech RP1000) Laney LC50 tube amp, pedals in all directions, everything passes, the joys of the Telecaster!

The resulting sounds are typical of the Telecaster, they pass in all styles. Telecaster for me after a few mods it's versatile guitar par excellence.

Talking mods: so I changed the electronics and put a SuperSwitch 5 positions up classic 3 positions. So I added to the three existing positions (Bridge pickup, bridge pickup / neck pickup in parallel neck pickup) two additional positions: a position set neck / bridge out of phase for casseroles or funky acid saturation, and serial position handle / bridge which work both pickups as a system of two humbucker coils (the fat boosted by 3dB, great for solos live).

With this change, I go everywhere.


I use it for a year and a half. I bought it and told me that the price I'll use the body to change and basic DIY fittings, the handle for the Fender Custom Shop pickups, but eventually I hardly changed anything.

The handle is fabulous, the electronic medium, the pickups are very good, for 89 € is just unimaginable. On the site MusicStore the "real" price is displayed: € 239. What is funny is that dude specialist guitar not knowing the price I was costed around 250 € in terms of scale of quality, almost like a Squier Classic Vibe from home, which m ' hardly surprising. It is far registered "ghosts" in Stagg et al, which compared to the price would be equivalent yet.

All guitarists who try are conquered, those who cross my road gigs are surprised. I troll around (again, gigs, concerts, studio soon after shielding the cavity) without fear of damage or make me fly (Jack & Danny that nobody cares), a real guitar field. However over time I focus more on this guitar, so I watch out more ...

I have and I have owned big guitars (Gibson LP, Fender Strat + U.S. G & L Comanche U.S. Ibanez Jazz upscale) and tried lots of Telecasters in Fender (always disappointed by the Mexican, never by the U.S. ), I always go back to this little guitar, which became my number 1. Maybe in the future I will buy a U.S. TV, but nothing is less certain.

A quality / price ratio breathtaking. A real find. Perfect for beginners and confirm, modify some details to develop more professionally (electronic shielding, fittings and possibly microphones).