Ampeg Gemini 22 GV22
Ampeg Gemini 22 GV22
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moosers 05/24/2010

Ampeg Gemini 22 GV22 : moosers's user review


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The Ampeg Gemini 22 GV22 is a vintage tube based guitar combo amplifier. It's on the smaller side, as it's only got a single speaker in it, but it's certainly suitable for uses on all types since it packs a pretty loud sound. I don't know the exact year that this amp was made, but I believe that most of them were made in the mid to late 1960's. I'm also unsure of the exact wattage on this amp, but for a single speaker combo amp, it definitely is more than adequate when it comes to volume in the recording studio or even for a live show. It's got 1/4" inputs, and the amp has built in reverb as well.


Using the Ampeg Gemini 22 GV22 isn't difficult as everything is pretty self explanatory. I found that it was easy to use right off the bat as I didn't need an explanation on anything and didn't feel too many questions would have needed to be asked. If you are new with guitar amps I don't think you'll be using this one, but if you are a beginner it might be a good idea to have a manual around if you feel somewhat lost.


The Ampeg Gemini 22 GV22 is overall an awesome sounding guitar amp. While Ampeg is primarily known for bass guitar amps, they also have a nice line of vintage guitar amps as well, which includes the Gemini. I've used this amp for recording a clean sound with a Fender Telecaster, and without any effects or anything like that. The Gemini 22 GV22 has a sound that it up there with the likes of Fender and other classic tube amps. While I would say that it's best suited for use in the studio because of it's smaller size, I wouldn't be surprised to see someone using it for a live show as well since it can get pretty loud for a single speaker amplifier.


I haven't seen any other models of the Ampeg Gemini 22 GV22 out there other than the one I've used, so it would seem to me that these are pretty rare. Being that these were made a long time ago, this isn't a surprise at all as I'm sure many of them died out over the years. If you are able to check one of these out or buy one, it's definitely a great guitar amplifier. I don't know what kind of price these would command, but I would imagine it would be a mixed batch. Regardless of the price, the Ampeg Gemini 22 GV22 is a top notch amplifier that is as good as any at this size...