Blackstar Amplification Series One 45
Blackstar Amplification Series One 45

Series One 45, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Blackstar Amplification in the Series One series.

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Juitariste 05/11/2014

Blackstar Amplification Series One 45 : Juitariste's user review

«  Very qualitative »

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All-tube combo amp. 45w two channels each with two different modes.
A three-band EQ section for both channels, with the ISF settings (to modulate the response following a rather typical sound british or U.S.), master section with the presence control (treble frequency response speaker ) resonance (bass response frequency speaker) and master volume. And finally the DPR which allows to vary the response lamps w 4.5 to 45w.
For dissemination, the amplifier is equipped with two Celestion G12NV7 HP (never been able to find any doc on the way) 16 ohms connected in series (thus connected with the switch to position 8 ohms).
In the rear panel, there are the effects loop in series with a switch 4 following db/-10db pedal effects if it is used in a rack. The input / output MIDI control of the amp, the output emulated the footswitch jack and connection for speakers with impedance selector (16/8/4 ohms)


It's super easy to use I think. Modes enable a wide range of all different sounds, and all usable at any given time.
The manual is well done, and explains in detail each point.
Good rare black spot on the list, therefore the weight, but it's still on a combo (2x12 at that.


The sound is excellent. Both modes allow the clean channel to have a fairly wide range (rather brilliant or more round and warm). on the other hand, do not expect a clean that remains after a certain volume it pleasantly crunch (provided you have the opportunity to grow in volume).
The crunch is usable and interesting. Overall, it was a fairly fine-grained, very nice booster pedal via a facade (for me I had a lot of fun with the 78 badass distortion in MXR). Finally, the crunch is super nice, the race gain knob is really exploitable, you can go from nice little overdrive the big saturax more compressed (on the other hand, no extreme style in my opinion, not enough gain for it. In Indeed, as we will be able to do heavy piece of cake, as it lacks a tad that can go in the big nag way prog metal, djent, death and others).


I will not have it possessed very long, but keep in mind that this is an excellent amp, very versatile, very malleable. I switched to something else (the desire to change, but I was looking for something more distinctive).
The price / quality ratio is very good in my opinion. The only downside, but it remains completely subjective, it may be that fades much to the material presented to it (pedals, guitars), it fails a little more personality to be in excellence.