Blackstar Amplification Series One 45
Blackstar Amplification Series One 45

Series One 45, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Blackstar Amplification in the Series One series.

ventrebleu 08/04/2011

Blackstar Amplification Series One 45 : ventrebleu's user review

«  My choice to me! »

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45W tube amp
1 x ECC82, 3 x ECC83, 2 x EL34
2 X 12 for pregnant
4 channels (clean / warm / crunch / lead) with pedals
One classic EQ (bass / medium / high) + ISF
At Masters level: in addition to volume, we have the right to presence, resonance and DPR
29 Kg (ouch), but the side handles to help.

on the other hand no reverb on this amp (I do not care but hey).

The two features of this amp are:
- ISF, which actually allows to play on the frequency range of settings equation, the type of American to British
- DPR sending more or less sauce in lamps is quite complicated to describe but basically if left to 45W lamps, all the dynamics is then expressed as 4.5 W it is immediately the cleat. So basically you can not play much in volume and yet as if the lamps in response to their max. It is trying to find balance.


Setup is simple, you set the equation once and for all for all channels. I guess some would prefer to have different settings per channel but in this case, go your way!
Must be tested against by the ISF and the DPR if they had never used before to find happiness.

The manual is clear enough in my opinion.


I play rock / pop / funk and this amp matches my expectations: I chose it because it offers a true wide range of sounds good, thanks to the ISF and the DPR.

I like the difference between the clean and warm clean sound, it really plays. Maybe a little less between crunch and lead, especially the latter responding to the need to pass in solo, that's fine with me.

I play with a Telecaster, a Vigier Excalibur, an Ibanez S440.


In conclusion, I use it live and in rehearsal for a few months.
I was looking for a tube amp strong enough to hold a concert but in combo with sounds clear and saturated that I like.
I tried other amps (Vox, Mesa Boogie, shop ...) but in the end for me it was the best compromise such sound palette / price.

With all its settings, hard to be in a room setting where I can not find a sound that fits me, so I keep it!