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Pierre666 11/05/2012

Fender Machete Combo : Pierre666's user review

«  Side versatility, it did the job! »

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All Tube Amp (5 12AX7A preamp for, one 12AT7 for the reverb, 2 for 6L6GC power amp)
2 channels: 1 clear (clear + boost for crunch) and one saturated
It is given to 50 Watts by Fender (but I have not yet gone too far, I'm afraid to take off the blades of my floor ...)
Fitted with a Celestion Vintage 12 "
Settings panel:
- Jack input with an attenuator (-6 db) useful in case of high output level of your guitar signal (active pickups or preamp for example)
- Digital reverb acting on two channels
- Damping adjustable to refine the interaction "power tubes / HP"
- Clear channel: gain (a "pull bright" to slam high mids!), Volume (with a "pull gain boost" to get crunchy sounds), corrective low, mid and high, and finally the famous " notch "which allows a gradual transition to a very British sound totally U.S. playing on a medium range correction
- Saturated channel: gain (more y'en, the more it tears, of course!), Volume correctors low, mid and high, and finally the famous "notch" (same as for the clean channel)
Settings rear panel:
- On / off switch
- Stand-by switch
- Setting the output level to the effects loop ("send level")
- Setting the return level from the effects loop ("return level")
- Disconnect switch the power amplifier ("PA mute")
- Switch activation circuit emulation HP output to a console or recording equipment
- Impedance selector for connecting additional external cabinet (4 Ώ, 8 Ώ, 16 Ώ)
Rear panel connections:
- Jack "effect loop send"
- Jack "return effect loop"
- Balanced XLR output for sending signal to a mixer or recording equipment
- MIDI IN jack to connect a MIDI controller
- Input jack to connect the footswitch (4 controls: selection of channel 1 or 2 on / off gain boost on channel 1 on / off the effects loop, activation / deactivation of the digital reverb)
- 2 output jacks for connecting additional HP


The config is very simple, no need to spend hours in the doc (the rest very brief). Thanks to the highly effective tone controls and notch it passes easily warm tones with clear sounds crunch in channel 1, then the very big sound in channel 2. The reverb is very effective and the fact that it prevents digital noise nuisance of spring reverb.


This amp is a versatile without falling into his Fender absolute super hot to Stevie Ray Vaughan was still in the side Fender clean tones, but with big sound heavy on the saturated channel. The dynamics are excellent. I play on a U.S. Standard Strat, and if I add the "bright" channel 1, the notes are absolutely striking 3 strings on the most acute, it smacks of fire god! Corrections tone bass / medium / treble are very efficient and adds another notch versatility, because of his passes in his Messa Boogie Vox just playing it. Strat in combination with clear channel bass and treble to bottom, and medium to zero gives a very hot where the lamps is best expressed. With distortion, even with my single coils, I approach the big humbucker sounds, and this is what I wanted.


I use it for a few days. I played a Marshall Valvestate 8240 hybrid stereo chorus (I always), and there is no comparison as the warmth and dynamics of a phenomenal all-tube amp to completely downgrade transistors (albeit MOS-FET), and even if Marshall hybrid is equipped with a 12AX7 preamp. I was looking for an amp versatile that I can play Mark Knopfler AND the Angus Young: this amp perfectly fulfills this role. We can discuss the look (actually very debatable!), But once connected, it is secondary and ears are taking over! I would do this choice without hesitation, and at this price, it is no more expensive or cheaper than all lamps at the same level.