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régis6_6 05/26/2013

Fender Machete Combo : régis6_6's user review


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1 Hp 12 "Celestion Vintage 30
2 channels with 50W lamps all five 12AX7A and two 6L6GC.
gain / volume / 3-band EQ for each channel more notch + Bright and Boost switch on the clean channel
5 position damping control
Series effects loop with level of input and output, and deactivated at footswich
XLR output with cab simulation, the power stage can also be set to "mute" to use only the output.
4 Switch the footswitch can be controlled via midi.
A look inspired by sports cars. I hang but the second degree ^ ^ ...


With Noctch equalization is very powerful, but it takes a little time to get used to, this is not Plug-n-Play. It should also make these settings interact with damping.
Pity that the Boost is not adjustable and is common to both channels, it would have been nice for solos. There it just adds 6db gain on the clean channel that in a situation is not very useful if you do not do much cruncher this channel. The dedicated switch on the footswitch is therefore not very useful I think.
In addition to the footswitch, casters and cover come with, it's very convenient for transportation.


For a project psychedelic Eastern, I needed a big sound and a great clean channel, mission accomplished!
The clean channel is very dynamic and powerful. Very versatile, it works nickel surf rock or country for example. For cons, I have not managed to get him a very warm welcome at his montgommery wes jazz, it's not a blues deluxe anything.
The past 10am gain it starts to crunch very nicely to the big overdriven AC / DC, grain carves very efficiently via the equalization trinity - notch - damping.
My Les Paul trad him like a glove, as well as my J Mascis Jazzmaster. My Guild Starfire, she lacks a bit of heat ...
On this channel, distos pedals work just as well, but do not use Bright, it's screaming otherwise.

On the second channel with the gain at 11am we already enjoy with Palm Mute. Notch at 3 o'clock and we have dug medium metal sounds very encouraging. Slipknot granted drop B, it's great! The grain is very tight and can sometimes seem a bit cold in some settings, this is where the damping makes good service and the medium colors more smoothly once a tightened.
The notch on the other side, it sounds more "hard rock" - Van Halen ... etc. I also like how it sounds but it is not my field, I have less explored. In any case, once again it is right and it does not bleed at all.

The Violin is very good, excellent diffusion on stage, especially once embellished.
Another nice thing, unlike habit fender, this amp can be set to low volume, and really sounds great like that. It is not obliged to decline background equalization not to become deaf in confined spaces.
By simulation against cab was a bit disappointed, the plugin logic sounds much better. But it is not very serious as it sounds good at low volume, it may very well bosser home studio.


Criticized by many people on the net, this amp is actually a funny animal. at this price point with a single Hp and only two channels, many crying flight ....
Yes, but here, I have tried many things in marshall, orange, mesa-boogie, the fender hot rod or supersonic before making this purchase, and I did not find any amp that combines clean to my taste with a true High gain.
I think a second gain / volume on the light instead of the boost channel is missing, this amp would have reached perfection ... for 4 months but I use it, I like more that comes out of this babasse.
It is not given, but it exudes quality and it sounds terrible ... then yes, I do it again this choice!