Laney CUB12R
Laney CUB12R

CUB12R, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Laney in the CUB series.

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lardoo 10/13/2011

Laney CUB12R : lardoo's user review

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Any small combo 15 watt bulb (with an entry to play a watt)
2 inputs, therefore, (15 and 1 watt)
An effects loop, and an input for a footswitch not included with.
-Tone (like the AC30)
Medium-bass, treble
-And a drive!


it's ultra easy to use and very sensitive at the knob.
Not need the manual to use it on.


When I got it, I plugged my strat Blackone directly into the beast, with the right eq, drive and at least one volume donf ....
And there, the pure clear sound bluesy vintage, clear sound to Jimmy Hendrix, or John Mayer.
The reverb is far from a yucky integrated reverb, it sounds too good roots.
Then I mounted the drive and the sound was gradually grassifié course with everything I love the crunch much drooling ...
Note that the drive still sounds good to a certain level, beyond it, way too dirty and trooop drooling ... and God knows that I love when that drool!
That said, I play with the drive to 3 times as I manage my distos via my pedals (ibanez TS9, TS7 and a dist-AMT station).
Basically my settings, reverb at noon, at noon tone, volume depending on location and context, to 13h low, middle and treble at noon at 11 am and drive at 9am.
The pure clear sound, with pretty low, sweet midrange and treble that pierce the brain not ...
Sustain a splendid ...
I mainly play on a strat Black1 and deluxe. I've also tried the gibson with a 339 and it fits great on guitars that have a large output level.
And just to mention the 15 watts, I managed to cover my drummer has arms of Canadian lumberjack!


This is the ultimate class for lovers of hot sounds good ...
Purchased 270 of Thomann, definitely worth the cost not to miss out ...
Also note that in this class of amplifier, not many do have an effects loop ...
Go for it friends of the atomic bomb!