Laney LC30-112 II
Laney LC30-112 II

LC30-112 II, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Laney in the LC series.

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tommy640 09/26/2006

Laney LC30-112 II : tommy640's user review


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All-tube amp
30 watts
HP Celestion
Connectors Summary
Good potato.


Trankil you branches, you play.
Settings trankil ossi, g pa man and as mieu.


The clear sound, in my opinion, DE-Chira, at least for me it is excellan it ERV e ke jOperation tubeman an H & K, but with c "bright" by Lampl ke jobtien crystal clear sound, clakan. JOperation Lampl with strato vintage 62 mounted with Duncan SSL-3 Hot and farts right.
It comes o punch black, the distortion of basic nest vréman pa Tré good (I think), but how I di above statements, jOperation a TUBEMAN H & K, and with the distortion of my TUBEMAN, then its Clak friends! We takin in ACDC and Metallica crunch Disto (always with the stratum, if so)


I use it for about 6 months and this amp my satisfi parfaiteman. He lavantage dêtre polyvalan, compared with a peavey classic 30 for example, with e lekel it hard to get out of its vintage. The ITS FUCKING LIGHT, jador (tried to added a chorus, with "bright" under way, and arpeggios started nothing else matters, Vou see) is crystalline, clakan. The saturated sound e tre medical preparation if vou put the price in a good foot or in a pre-amp's pe tear. I jou a lumberjack and a keyboard and the Beast does not stumble pa.
Quality / price ratio justified.
It is a K-DO so you can say pa pe ke g fé of choice, me ayan tried Dotres amp lamps, yes c vréman good stuff.