Laney LC30-112 II
Laney LC30-112 II

LC30-112 II, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Laney in the LC series.

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RazielSpectral 09/16/2007

Laney LC30-112 II : RazielSpectral's user review


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Amplification lamps.
30W lamps with 4 EL84.
High or low output, effects loop, no headphone jack.
Two channels, one saturated with a light for each equalizer, reverb common, bright button to boost the treble.


Setup is simple, not 30 000 buttons abound, they all serve.
Is obtained relatively easily a good sound, you must grind a little buttons, but once the principle is a pig is alone. Habitu before being careful with the bright porridge, soup and distortion.
I've never had a manual with, but the use is simple, so the need was not felt.


It is ideally suited my style of music: good blues (I would not say bad huh) rock or a little more quiet nerv big hard, mtal (not too much, not go to a super -hairy).
I play without effects (a will may be one day ...) with a Washburn X50Pro.
We can get a lot of sound with two channels. The first is clean and clear almost the entire length of the volume knob, the sound is crystalline, beautiful, with a touch of reverb is a rel happiness. The channel is saturated trs trs also pretty low gain, around 4 / 5 began srieusement cruncher, trs is a beautiful, well-Dfine, really enjoyable the ear. Large distos 7 / 8 or 9 get really violent, if somewhat messy at the end of the knob, but if you fiddle with the equalizer a bit, has arranged quite easily.
I prfre is its clear sound with little reverb, nice crunch and rock / hard. I love the bass distortion, but fawn all the amp is not REALLY East mtal!


I use it for 4 5 months.
I love the bright button! Very practical as the standby.
I tried a Vox (AD30VT) that I liked, a Peavey Classic 30, a delta blues and ValveKing and a marshall mg and is the Laney convinced me the most, by far.
I bought the Laney LC15R, which was a concern, and the LC30II Service referred me, so I pay ... fewer than 350 new! Report quality unbeatable prices!
With exprience, I would do Obviously this choice!