Don_Viviano 01/24/2009

Laney LC30-112 : Don_Viviano's user review

" Its modern british Plutt perfect for crunch"

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30 W All Tube Class A 2 channels (clean - OD) qualisation spare channel 3-band, bright touch to the clean, rverb, loop volume effects. HP H / H Invader All Made in UK, this is the first gnration the amp. I loved presence of a knob.


Very simple person immediately.


I play 70's rock trend, but with a fairly modern (storytellers, mooney suzuki, Datsuns, Hellacopters ,...). I am not using the clean, but we can say that it is quite brilliant, crystalline. The OD channel sounds very British, very close to the Marshall JCM 800, a little less fat (between Vox and Marshall I think). The gain is very very far! Until it's crunch Lger 5, 9 to 10 we lose precision, the amp distortion I find vomits. I use it with the winning 4 with a Les Paul. Treble 7, I just boost the mids (6-7) and leaves the lower back (4), I regret the absence of knob of presence, and not very effective qualisation we can not say that the amp is versatile, he always keeps the same color.
Otherwise, a very british crunch as I like, with a little grain even when (not as much a marshall vintage though). I boost the crunch with a Digitech CM-2 in front for the solo, has added just enough gain without affecting the volume or the sound of the guitar.
The rverb is not too intrusive, but I do not use it bcp.


I've had a few weeks, it is used in RPTES, and soon in concert and in studio. Before I had an equivalent of the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, and I wanted to pass something more English, and with a bigger crunch. The amp suits me, I find that very qualisation is not efficient, it is r-Plutt match the sound of the amp room that fawns own sounds . Pay 350 OCCAZ, I am satisfied. It is diverged from Laney VC30 which in turn is more vintage, crunch diverged, and bcp less gain. It is very very powerful, impossible to grow by more than 3 RPTE ... I wanted to spend 50w 30w power to push the amp ...