Laney VC100
Laney VC100

VC100, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Laney in the VC series.

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srv512 10/16/2008

Laney VC100 : srv512's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
4 lamps amplification 6L6;)
6 12AX7 preamp tubes
100 W
4 channels: light and overdrive / distortion and a distortion 2
Various output connectors and even too ...
Connecting an external Bafle possible
Effects loop x2
prescence knob adjustable
switch "resonance" and switch "bridge>> possible to increase the treble in rhythmick funk or other ..
2 input jack (guitar) is that a high and low, (full volume or reduced volume)
I my 10 because it is really very very full!


Using very simple one connects the ring!, Just let the heat as any preamp tube amp ..;)

No manual for me .. purchase.

For use in this apartment can be perfectly suitable as there are input "low", and the sound is not too distorted.
Personally I only use the high and sends serious, a gas plant! even stronger than a marshall 2 bodies! 'I speak in power ...
9 because I my weight is still a handicap of time ... lol


Suitable for blues, jazz, rock, pop, etc. ..
I use it for blues rock and he won the hand! blues sounds!
This is reminiscent of that has 4 6L6;
Its hot, very hot, happiness with either a fender or a gibson ...
Clean channel: Superb! excelente definition!
Channel overdrive / distortion and lead: good greasy overdrive and warm, in terms of distortion is what I say but hey, I use it very very rarely (I prefer the pedals).
It does not have to fade before some fender reissue expensive.
Cepandant he has not a round is to say that we are not in the typed marshall, I repeated 6L6, very very warm and crystalline !!!!! Add a TS9 and a srtat with texas special pickups and you pull the wallpaper so it's good!
The only small snag when I had this amp is that it sends too much treble! This was due to bad light bill! Relamping and the story is played! ;)


I use it for at least 7, and it almost never need my good ...;) just a small problem one day fuse that has been quickly resolved and the desire to light that I quoted at above.
What I like most is the sound!! And all the features it has! And some reserve power if you must send WATT!!
The least it will be rather weight, I see that his personal ..
I had and I played on many amps, I not compare this amp with many of the transistor that will not help to have so many test fender, hughes Kettner Laney and others in the same range but less power is really the top 100 VC! and too much neglected by many musicians as this really worth your amp! of course it is not comparable with the vox or marshall or mesa, to me anyway, because is not the same as other brands I mentioned for its slightly more to the distortion.
I read below that the amp was equipped with more HP, I had a personal occas so I do not know what is original, but for me the first 60 are SUPERRRRR Vintage! !
In short, very versatile amp, excellent QPR! the bomb this amp!