Laney VC100
Laney VC100

VC100, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Laney in the VC series.

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krank68 12/03/2005

Laney VC100 : krank68's user review


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So we have the all-tube amp! and there are a few ...
mine is mounted with 4 SED winged C Svetlana EL34 for the power and 6 * 12AX7 lectroharmonix for pramplification ...
it should be noted that one can opt for a 6L6 switch to switch the bias if singing.
<ul> two between high and low
an effects loop (send / return) with the rglage shuffled from the main signal
SETTING THE prsence a
True two channels with switchable legalization spares
rverb (spring) on ​​each channel.
between an amp
output prampli
output to attack a collection outdoor speaker
HP12 2 "jensen. </ul>


The manual is quite clear on the use of the BTE with a party to obtain prdfinis sounds good ... but not essential ...
you plug one turns the buttons you press the buttons and there is much super fast rglages nice!
specially mention the buttons at the top of a hen luidonnent rtro look super nice.


Level sound, this amp is a killing machine vritable!
PSE and I my words ...
100 W lamp ... I never got up to push del Submitted by 4 so it is violent ... and dj 4 everyone on the fact scne becaufe the mouth means more than me.
the grain is fabulous, the clean channel retransmits all the subtleties of my strato, velvet! a phaser and a 808 in it and becomes the fabulous ...
and when you switch the channel B, the sends a really bad, the good fat, hairy, smells like a beer and sweat ...


Ct amp I bought used for a ridiculous amount (500) and the choice I would do with his eyes closed!
his only problem: his weight! l is the horror! vritable not a death
and as it is a light amplifier, well what are the usual worries, you should let it heat a minimum before playing for the potato and let it cool ... APRS.