Laney VC100
Laney VC100

VC100, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Laney in the VC series.

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iamqman 09/12/2011

Laney VC100 : iamqman's user review

« Nice british tone »

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The Laney VC 100 is a nice little combo for someone who wants one of the most versatile amplifier companies in the world. This is a great little combo they can get you a lot of versatility in a lot of tone ringing for just about any style of music. First off you have four channels which consists of a light and overdrive, and then you have a distortion one and a distortion to channel. There seems to be a lot of buttons and switches on that face plate of this amplifier but don't let that confusing. The layout of this amplifiers pretty easy and is extremely self explanatory.

You have two inputs one for high and one for low and you also have an effects loop on the back. You have probably a very basic EQing section on the front panel at you would see on most amplifiers along with a solid presence control knob that is very adjustable and can tweak your feeling of the amplifier from room to room as you see fit. This is 100 W amplifier and believe me you can crank out a lot of volume so be prepared. It is a good bedroom volume amp so you can hear a decent tone at low volumes.


This amplifiers pretty easy to use in again is self explanatory. It has a strong British feeling tone in the voicing is very martial bike. You can get a good clean tone from the clean channel as well as a good classic rock tone from the the overdrive channel. The distortion wanted distortion to you are great for it either switching from rhythm to lead voicings. This these channels are very interchangeable what you can dial them into half to lead tones on top of your overdrive we can have one as a good rhythm channel and another one for another rhythm channel. The possibilities of total variance is pretty endless with the four channels as offered as amp.


I really like the tone of Laney amps in general. If a good squishy overdrive saturation feeling and the clean channels are better than what I have come to understand from Marshall amplification. I pretty much like just about anything Laney does because they are very user friendly and very good at getting the players exactly what they need for recording or getting purposes. This again is 100 W amplifier hate uses 6L6 power tubes to see you can have a lot of increase in the top and bottom ends of the frequencies. What I mean by this is that your base is going to be very full and it's good to be very low and very tight. The hives are good to be very sharp and clean and tight as well. It is suffering the midrange crunch a little bit because you're not using EL 34 power tubes but believe me this is a great power to section for the sample for cock fire and its voicings. You also have two 12aX7 preamp tubes which didn't get you a lot of preempting is going to be a lot of adjustability within the preamp section.


These have been discontinued for a while mouse at the use market is the only way to go at this point. This is a great little combo and if you like the tone of the British amplifier then this might be the way to go. In my opinion this is a stronger amp then many of Marshall's combos amplifiers that they have put out so if you're looking for a good British tone and you want something probably a little bit better than it Marshall amplifier that I would suggest going with this option or alternative. This is a fun amp and get the great tone and a great recording tone.