Laney VC30-112
Laney VC30-112

VC30-112, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Laney in the VC series.

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M.Low 08/01/2004

Laney VC30-112 : M.Low's user review


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The VC 30 is an all-tube amp in class A. (3 ECC83 in PAMP and 4 EL84 power)
Indicates the power is 30 watts. 2 switchable channels by button or footswitch.

Two instrument inputs (hi & lo gain for single or humbucker)
An output for cabinet expansion
An effects loop
A footswitch jack

Clean volume
Drive volume
Bass, middle, treble
Level effects loop

The PSE bte 23 kg

Note that there are two versions: the VC30-112 VC30-210 and code-named indicating the number and size of cabinet available (1 * 12 2 * 10 or so). Those are brand HH.


Basic configuration. The sound is typical and trs in addition to saturation, it is impossible to change radically. But it is the reason we play this type of amp. The sound is without quivoque lamps, from the moment it is the style you want.

To be more prcis however, I think the level of quality matrial General for utiliss use is affected: All knobs have a well-graded action to collect revolutions of the sound.

The manual is a triple-sided sheet in English. minimalist but effective.


I play more electric MODELS (Start, Les Paul, 12 string or mandolin).

Complte configuration, I added a tube screamer or to a saturated bnficier effective in volumes close to bearable, or to search a little more saturated a "dirty".
The drive channel really needs to be pushed to be fully effective. TRS is a good club or room, but the house, the wallpaper has intrt better watch out!

The sound is trs typ "British blues boom", say for résumé is tapping a Vox AC30 in the spirit of construction, but the gallery at the point of view. But the quality is the same when.

For the sake of Versatile sound, I sometimes stick a PODXT him in the effects loop to use the power amp. I am satisfied with the trs sound quality achieved.


I use it for 7 years. Its particularity is its BIOEN Obviously CHARACTERISTICS sound. We like it or not. I used to DJ Marshall, Peavy, and others. This one rpond my expectations.

If I am not mistaken, this must be a MODEL of the best market for its class. I do not know what his original price, but the silent era is one of the cheapest. UIn report qualitpirx priori more than positive. I changed the lights once in seven years (the Sovtek EL84).

Sounds with my needs I will be more volumes INTERESTED today by a system that rack and speakers. But back home, the VC30 will allow myself to be me in the blues rock lcher unlimited so yes I would do the same choice.

A problem for me is the positioning of the Tagus rglage, vertically on the rear panel. I like the amp surlev and reading becomes difficult. It happened to me several times to forget the dye because the LED is not visible.