Marshall DSL401
Marshall DSL401

DSL401, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JCM2000 DSL series.

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Kargol's 12/24/2003

Marshall DSL401 : Kargol's's user review


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40 amp w all lights
An HP 12 "celestion
8 lamps: 4 in which a preamp in a cylinder, 4 el 84 for the amp.
Reverb (on mine she walked in)
2 channel with a double:
Knob-clean with gain, equalization
OD1 and OD2, with volume, gain, equalization
Master volume, fx loop (effects loop), tuning the reverb.
Possibility to set external baffle extension.

Otherwise a good place to Marshall, the lamps are being protected.


Simple rules, manuals simple but useless.

I could not get a good distortion with some setting gives a clean sound, but always more boring and without rel.
For cleans cons are obtained by a sound rock, jazz, crunchy blues easily, but I find it no more.

Note that the equalization is effective clean trs in distortion should be dropped.


The clean sounds are not bad but it sounds a little dry with accoutumence must add effects, and I find that the amp or worse (mostly distos I try to add (num America and analog). Domage my reverb silent cass

By distortion, I found it dirty, greasy and slimy in exs gain, and too flat and characters DO 2, and 1 OD is the same thing in less strong (l 'od 2 adds 20db, that's all the same a little disappointing!)


I purchase, jou 2 months with and I sold recement to buy a Peavey Classic 30 nine this time, cheaper and better now TElement

Unless we find a sound that only this amp gives (rock sound with crunch), which is not my case it's not an amp phnomenal. For a little cheaper, better now need a good hybrid transistor / lamps, and for that price, there is much better now.