Marshall DSL401
Marshall DSL401

DSL401, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JCM2000 DSL series.

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Supalool 11/01/2003

Marshall DSL401 : Supalool's user review


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CHARACTERISTICS see comments Lonewolf
4 lamps in EL84 amp (12W I think they are in fact, what makes us 48W, but I could be wrong!)
4 lamps prampli.


This is my 3rd Marshall, I have never read a manual.
The sound is "Marshall" regardless of the position.
Note that this is a TRUE qual: rglages put the treble, middle and bass 0 and there is no sound (or so), it is not too hard r but even Gler qd.


I put my Les Paul in and the magic opre.
I dj a smile from ear to ear when I press the "Standby".
It is certainly not an amp "mtal". Has to take a Valvestate AVT or (if the words of Marshall LoneWolf you want written on it).

But for the rest (not trs techno ...), not notice it's madness.


So my 3 Marshall.
A JCM800 100W bcp too powerful
1 Mesa Boogie Caliber 50 + 50W more powerful, though jou but what's also ...
1 Marshall Valvestate 100W double body (I had to be drunk to buy that crap)
1 Marshall DSL401, which made me + that rconcilier with Marshall, but also with my guitar.
I love Led Zep, Aerosmith, Black Desir ... This is exactly what sound!

J'tais fan of saturates, I just fell madly in love with my channel "Clean", which let's face it, crunch as bte when tickled. J'tais buff pedals, I have a wah and talk box.
Free, free at last with the best sound ever (MESA quique the silent frankly good too.)
In short, I just rpar an injustice we can not put 4 / 10 a Marshall lamp!
For mtal is OK but no one else is glove.
I play funky on the clean, turning the 3mm rglage Bass, I sound exactment Black Ds (last album: lost, the place upside down).
Once I us the three positions and those of my scrapes clean channel, crunch channel is attacked (the real). Angus, Slash, Perry, Page they are all home now.
Lead is the crunch boost of 20dB (I think vrifier) ​​and is the only point where I will not 10/10 because it is not in Full Control (3 true channel).
The Reverb is not denied either, but hey I never touch the knob (except qd my daughter comes with me DCON).
If I change this amp one day, this will be for a TSL601.