Marshall JTM612 [1995-1997]
Marshall JTM612 [1995-1997]

JTM612 [1995-1997], Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the JTM60 series.

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superguitariste 12/28/2007

Marshall JTM612 [1995-1997] : superguitariste's user review


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All lights ... I doubt if even the saturated circuit is there not some transistor as a JCM600 APRS some of ... To see. The default is that it does not sound very trs. I had the Occasion of the test version also 3hps 10-inch, 60W, but c'tait the same problem. Just a little power if your drummer is a lumberjack (whereas normally 60W lamps ca not afraid of anybody).


Trs simple to use, no worries particular.


The main advantage is the bluesy crunch. Top with this amp, either by pushing the clean channel or playing on the saturated gain. Lacks a little low ... plutt or "body".


There is no section "fiabilitquot, or because it is the problem I have had many ... He would" crack ", volume down suddenly ... I ' rpar did several times, it's expensive and it's never DEFINITIONS. So impossible to use on scne, unfortunately.